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Note: the above data are from sina stock for reference only.

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2015/03/25 Antonoil Announces 2014 Annual Results
2014/11/03 Significant Progress and Three-year Strategy Guidelines Announced for Antonoil’s Production Module
2014/07/14 Antonoil Commences Mobilization and Operations at Awarded Drilling Projects in Erdos Basin
2014/07/10 Antonoil Adds a New Central Processing Facility (CPF) Project to Service
2014/06/24 Antonoil’s Oilfield Waste Management Commences Operation
2014/06/18 Antonoil Graduate Intake Exceeds 1,000 in 2014 Recruitment
2014/06/17 Antonoil Wins Bid Again for Coiled Tubing Acidizing Service Project in Southern Iraq
2014/06/16 Antonoil’s Pressure Pumping Service Enters Phase of Regular, Large-Scale Operation
2014/06/15 Antonoil’s Ceramic Proppant Production Line in Smooth Operation for Two Months
2014/06/11 Workover Service of Antonoil’s Production Operation Services Commences Operation
2014/06/10 Reservoir Production Management Service of Antonoil Enters Implementation Stage
2014/03/19 Antonoil Announces 2013 Annual Results
2013/12/02 Antonoil Augments Rig Management
2013/11/07 Anton Oilfield Services Group Successfully Completes Inaugural US$250M Senior Notes Issue With Over 11 Times Oversubscription
2013/09/25 Antonoil Announces Renewal of Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Schlumberger
2013/09/24 Antonoil Signs a Coiled Tubing and Acidizing Technical Service Contract
2013/09/07 Antonoil Wins Bid for 53 Multistage Fracturing Jobs in Erdos Basin
2013/08/12 Anton Oilfield Announces 2013 Interim Results
2013/03/18 Anton Oilfield 2012 Net Profit Surges 292% to RMB 302 Million
2013/02/07 Anton Oil Sells Interests in Bazhou Anton Chang Xiang
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