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New Year's Address from the CEO

    Now it is 2010, Beijing has a heavy snow which has not been seen for ten years, and it is a very cold winter. I felt cold when it snowed in my childhood, but when I grew up I know that snow is actually a good thing, for snow brings new hope.

    Recall the past decade. Suddenly, Antonoil, from starting its business to the Main Board listing in Hong Kong, and then there are so many products sector, has become China's leading oilfield services company. We have past the entrepreneurial passion, joy of growing suffering, and success, and we experienced a very exciting decade.

    After this winter, in the next decade we will have new goals: to build a leading global oilfield services company. What kind of goal is it? State and nation are experiencing tremendous reforms, to enhance the global competitiveness of national development is needed, the world's leading oilfield technology is the need to make progress of the development of China's oil industry, to create a global leader in oilfield service company is a historic and very meaningful thing. We have to say that this is a daunting goal, and now there is a huge gap from that goal, we want to challenge the limits of the environment, challenge self-limits, and we will face difficult challenges. Antonoil, after decades of development, has created a hero team, and has a very good stage, and we will be obliged to accept this historical mission, with our youth and passion to accomplish this mission.

    In the first decade, we fight to survive and to reflect self-worth, only to be successful, we can be recognized by society and can be based on social; in the second decade, survival is not our pursuit, we shoulder the mission for the country and the nation, for the responsibility and honor. We ask the staff to have a broader vision, the vision of the country and the nation's responsibility, our team must put our goals as a sacred cause, as the ideal and their own lives to struggle, and absolutely do not give up. In the second decade, we need to lay down the successful first decade, in the face of the goal we have to say that we have not been successful, and we have to keep the mentality of entrepreneurs and passion, to enjoy the sufferings, and to enjoy the joy of progress.

    Let us imagine what will Anton look like a decade later, at that time we will be the world's leading oilfield services company, with the world's most advanced technology, our team around the world, we repeat legislative feats, and we are well-known worldwide. We are a model with international competitiveness for Chinese companies. Development and growth of our team and a group of talented people growing up, Anton will have a veteran glory team, every one involved in the struggle in Anton will get a huge harvest, will have the honor and respect, which is just like wearing flowers in chest forever, and we will be proud to get involved in the Anton companies lifetime.

    Let us now agree, in the next ten years, participate in the great cause of Anton, use our youth and passion to struggle for a decade, let us tell the story of our ideals to our friends, relatives and all who love us, let them witness our struggle, witness our success, and Anton will be successful!

    Thank you for your concern, support and love for Antonoil, my friends, I wish you all a Happy New Year, and your whole family well-being!

Rollins, President of Anton Oilfield Services (Group) Ltd, and CEO of Antonoil